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Cigna--State of Illinois


I'm pretty sure your contract does not allow you to do this. However,
it sounds like Cigna is acting as a TPA, Third Party Administrator, for
the State of Illinois, who is had a "self-funded" plan. Or, in this
case an "un-funded" plan.
That is to say Cigna is not the insurance company, just a claims
processor. The employees are limited to the Cigna network of doctors.
The doctors are obligated to provide the services by their contract with
Cigna. This is what I call the worst of both worlds.

This is like a few months ago when the State of California was issuing
IOU's to vendors and as state income tax refunds.

These are two of the so-called "cash strapped states."

We can't even bill a family if their dinky employer (or union) is
dragging their feet. I would NOT tangle with the State of Illinois.

You could try contacting your State Insurance Commissioner to make them
aware, but I don't think they will be able to do anything.

Just be patient and hope for the best.


Mary Lewis wrote:
> Here in the State of Illinois we have a problem that I would like some advise on. Anyone who is employed by the State of Illinois has Cigna Insurance. When we submit claims to Cigna, Cigna approves those claims however they are not paid until the State releases the money for those claims. It started out back in 2008 with the claims were usually paid within 6-8 weeks later. Recently it has increased to months. We are currently 9 months behind from Cigna's approval to the State releasing the money. Here is my question, my doctor want to start sending these bills to the patients and making the patients pay the claims and when the state finally does release the money then we will either reimburse the patient or have Cigna send them the money directly. Does anyone have any thought on this and is there anyone out there in Illinois who is doing something similar to this.
> Thanks
> Donna Ruge
> Office Manager
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