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Rapid Strep Tests / Which code?

The first time I sent this for some reason it came through with no subject
and a bunch of extra garbage I hadn't put in the message, so I'm sending it

An additional note: Quidel's web site specifically refers to their rapid
strep as an "immunoassay".

Michael Sachs

>Michael Sachs wrote:

>> 87880 is for "Immunoassay with direct optical observation"
>> 87430 is for "Enzyme Immunoassay"
>> 87070 is for "Bacterial Culture"
>> 87081 is for "Bacterial Culture, Screening Only, Single Organisms"
>> So unless I'm mistaken, the rapid strep tests most of us do would be 87430
>> while the Biostar would be 87880. If a throat culture is only for strep,
>> then 87081 would be proper, while a throat culture looking for other
>> organisms in addition to strep should be 87070. There are other codes in
>> addition for organism typing and sensitivities, but we don't bill those
>> even when the culture is positive.

At 08:31 PM 02/18/2001 -0500, Graham Barden wrote:
>I think the "direct optical observation" could mean your eyeball is looking at
>it! I am not sure what the Enzyme Immunoassay is - I think all Rapid streps
>including the OIA use monoclonal antibodies to do the test and that would make
>it the immunoassay - right?

I was mistaken and Graham's correct.

>From :

Possible CPT Codes for BioStar Tests
86403 Particle agglutination; screen, each antibody.

87081 Culture, bacterial, screening only, for single organism.

87430 Infectious agent detection by enzyme immunoassay technique,
qualitative or semi-quantitative, multiple-step method; Streptococcus, group A.

87880 Infectious agent detection by immunoassay with direct optical
observation; Streptococcus, group A.

87880 QW For use with CLIA-waived tests
Of these, code 87880 would seem to most accurately define the STREP A OIA,
STREP A OIA MAX, and Acceava Strep A tests. Code 87880 seems to be more
accurate than 87430 because the AMA has stipulated that, "Code 87880
(direct observation) should be used for all immunologically-based
commercial Streptococcus Group A testing kits whose interpretation rely on
a visual reaction (observed by the naked eye)2
* While BioStar attempts to provide accurate information, it is always the
provider's responsibility to establish appropriate coding and charges.

I also checked because we use the QuickVue In-Line,
and they also recommended 87880.

So we'll start billing 87880 rather than 87430.

Does anyone know what kind of test would be an "Enzyme Immunoassay" and be
coded 87430?
Michael Sachs, M.D.
General Pediatrician