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ICD9 Code for Umbilical Granuloma?

What diagnosis code do you use for Umbilical Granuloma?
The two available are:
686.1 Granuloma Umbilicus (which is labeled Pyogenic Granuloma) DEF:
granuloma: septic, suppurative. Sollitary polypoid capillary hemangioma
often associated with local irritation, trauma, and superimposed
inflammation; located on the skin and gingival or oral mucosa.

771.4 Granuloma, umbilicus, newborn
"Oomphalitis of the newborn"
Infection: navel cord, umbilical stump
DEF: Inflammed umbilicus

I am talking about the "simple", non-irritated, non-infected umbilical unhealed stump.

What is the correct coding? Why have you chosen that?


Karen Kohlruss RN BSN
Holland Pediatrics